Practice sight words, sentences or even a paragraph (enter your own)

Click mic and read
Works in all Chrome except iPhone/iPad  

This sight words app is for K-2 students who like to practice reading words/sentences

The primary feature is speech-to-text: As students speak off of the table the voice is converted to text and compared, if there is a match points are scored

This app works only on PC and Android's Chrome browser

The webspeech API is good but is not perfect, some utterances may not be accurately captured, after a few tries the student will figure out the pacing needed


how are you walk with me i like animals
cats and dogs top and bottom here and there

This app is an attempt to help my son practice sight-reading, the hope is it benefits more students. I used W3C's free Webspeech API implemented by Google in chrome. Any comments please message me via LinkedIn.

© 2020 Karthik Suryanarayanan. Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0